The Oticon Remote Control offers a discrete way for hearing aid users to make adjustments to their hearing aids.

With the remote, you can change programs, adjust volume, and more!


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Oticon Remote Control 3.0

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The Oticon Remote Control 3.0 offers an intuitive, straightforward, and discreet way to operate hearing aids. With the remote control, the hearing aid user can perform the most common adjustments without drawing attention to their hearing aids:

• Volume up/down

• Select program

• Mute hearing aids

Full discretion is offered since the remote control can operate the hearing aids from a distance of up to approximately 6 feet (1.8 m) without a direct line of sight between the remote control and the hearing aids. The remote control buttons are clearly visible and easy to operate. Every time a button is pressed, a notification is heard in the hearing aids. At the same time the remote control confirms the action with a visual indication and a discreet click that can be heard and felt.


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