We highly recommend this cute little amplifier.  It has been in the marketplace for some time and developed by Etymonic Research.  Comes in two different colors and two models with and without the T coil.

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BEAN Quiet Sound Amplifier

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The BEAN quiet sound amplifier by Etymotic Research

The BEAN by Etymotic, a cute name, is a type of Personal Sound Amplification Product  (PSAP) and has a built-in sensor that adjusts to the ambient sound level so is ideal for someone who wants some amplification.  Some people, for example, just need hearing help in one or two environments such as hearing the TV, or when a speaker is further away (in a play, a lecture, or a worship service), and may or may not have a hearing loss and is “not ready” to wear a device full-time.

The BEAN amplifier, amplifies sounds so your conversations are more effective in a number of settings.  It comes in two models:  The BEAN and the T-coil BEAN.  The T-coil BEAN has a switch with two positions, Normal (N) and T-coil (T).  in the T-position, the microphone is turned off so that it can connect directly to the telephone and/or in a hearing loops.  (If you don’t know what a hearing loop is, click here for general and in Minnesota Loop info here.)  The BEAN also has a two-switch position of Normal (N) and High (H) for more sound.

You may wonder:  what is the difference between a PSAP and a hearing aid?  There are some similarities.  Both amplify sound and both deliver that sound through a sound tube at the end of the receiver.  A hearing aid is meant to correct hearing loss, are adjusted to compensate for impaired hearing in certain frequency ranges and are regulated by the FDA.  None of those are true for a PSAP. A PSAP is just meant to amplify sound.

The starter kit contains:  the BEAN, 7 eartips of different sizes and materials, package of batteries, filter tool with extra filters and a carrying case.  The batteries typically last 9-10 days.  If you turn off the BEAN by opening the battery doors when not in use, the batteries may last 2 weeks.  It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty if purchased from an authorized Etymotic reseller.

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Amplifiers, not hearing aids.

An Assisted Listening Device is just that, Assists you in listening and hearing better.

These are pieces like Amplifiers, Personal Amplifiers, Hearables, and even audio streamers.

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