This is a charger for the Phonak with lithium-ion. Small and cute and affordable.

Get your Charger for the Phonak hearing aids today at Hears Hearing & Hearables.

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Phonak Charger BTE RIC

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Thr Phonak Charger BTE RIC is a compact charger with standard USB-C charging outlet.

This Phonak Charger is compatible with Audeo Marvel R/RT, Paradise R/RT, Nadia P/PR, Bolero, and Sky model rechargeable hearing aids. Compact and easy to take on the go so you can keep your hearing aids charged up and safe wherever you are. The clip lock shutting mechanism seals the lid making sure your hearing aids are safe and secure. Designed with convenience in mind it will easily fit into even the smallest handbag.

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Weight 16 oz

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