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Flow Med Vac-Clean UV: Mini Hearing Aid Vacuum

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Flow Med

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Flow Med Vac-Clean: Rechargeable mini vacuum cleaner for all hearing aids.


Hearing aids that have been perfectly dried with
turbo-fan drying can be easily cleaned with the flow med
vac-clean uv® and the brush nozzle.
Adhering cerumen and dirt are pulverized and
detached and sucked up by the movement of the
brush nozzle over the hearing aid housing, which is
carried out with even pressure.
The sonic vibrations support the cleaning process.



The new vac-clean uv® has a powerful vacuum suction capacity of over 60
kilopascals (8.7 psi).
Together with the brush attachment nozzle, this powerfully potentiates the
cleaning effect and sucks up the residues. The suction strength can be
varied in 3 modes at the touch of a button.
The attachment nozzles can be easily changed and cleaned and the blue
LED light (450nm) also has an antimicrobial hygiene function.
The new vac-clean uv® is a medical device and meets the high requirements for medical devices (Class I) of the Medical Device Regulation (EU)

The egg-shaped design of the new flow med vac-clean uv® offers optimal handling for all users.
Illumination plus slim attachment nozzles facilitate optimal cleaning of delicate hearing
aids and hearables. Automatic sequence control with just one button and mobile
versatile use rounds off the appealing design.

The soft silicone attachment is paired with the soft DuPont Tynex bristles arranged in 2
rings. Set in sonic vibrations, they can be moved in all directions. The suction channel is
in the center. The vibrations of the brush nozzle and the suction power remove the
previously pulverized cerumen and dirt residues from the hearing aid.

The RIC nozzle can be easily attached to the new vac-clean uv®. With the small suction
cup, RIC receivers with domes or earmolds as well as in-the-ear hearing aids can be
perfectly vacuumed. Likewise, all silicone ear tips, in-ear devices, hearables and hearing
protectors can be cleaned with it. In case of blockages, prior spraying with cleaning
spray is recommended.

The slim tube nozzle is made of soft silicone and is especially suitable for suctioning
hearing aid filters, vent holes and the smallest openings. In case of blockages, it is also
recommended to spray it with cleaning spray beforehand. For dry vacuuming, it can be
used like a mini vacuum cleaner for keyboards, remote controls and much more.

The new flow med vac-clean uv® is a medical device and has an integrated LiPo battery. Charged,
it performs perfect cleaning for about 1 month. This enables mobile use independent of
mains and cables. Stable construction, high-tech electronics and test certificates
guarantee quality and safety. Eco-design through low energy consumption, many years
of usability, recyclability and no use of packaging plastics.

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