With the QH2, you can connect a Bluetooth headset, neckloop or streamer to your home or office phone for hands-free and cord-free conversation. The QH2 is compatible with virtually all corded desk phones, as well as corded and cordless home phones. Various set-up options provide superior flexibility.

The QH2 provides 30 dB of adjustable amplification and frequency management in both the phone handset and Bluetooth headset so you can be comfortable knowing amplification is always available. Easily switch calls between the phone handset and Bluetooth headset.

Read more about how this product works with the ClearSounds QH2 User Guide
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ClearSounds Bluetooth Hub and Phone Amplifier

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    • Accessorry that converts any corded or cordless landline or business phone into a Bluetooth phone, allowing the user to pair the phone with a compatible Bluetooth headset, neckloop, or hearing aid streamer*
    • Offers both hearing instrument users and non-hearing instrument users a means for hands-free and cord free home or office telephone use
    • 33 foot wireless operating range
    • 30 dB of adjustable amplification (will not work when in BT mode)
    • Bluetooth version 3.0
    • Tone control
    • Superior sound quality
    • Supports Remote Answer, depending on your Bluetooth headset functionality
    • Universal telephone compatibility dial provides compatibility on 99% of telephones
    • AC powered
    • Stores up to 8 paired devices
    • One year warranty

* NOTE: The CS-QH2 will NOT work with MFi hearing instruments (i.e. Starkey Halo, GN ReSound LiNX2). The connection between MFi hearing instruments and the iPhone is a proprietary Bluetooth.  In addition, the iPhone can handle only one Bluetooth connection at a time.  Individuals with MFi hearing instruments who want to use the hub will require a streaming intermediary device.  Lastly, Bluetooth headset, neckloop or streamer must support Hands-Free Profile3

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Assisted listening device

Assisted listening device



If you don't have a phone that connects directly to your hearing aid, there might be a phone streamer that you can connect to help you hear better on your phone.
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