Ever have water in your ear?  Are you a swimmer, a bather, a diver?

Well, this is a great option and it is safer than putting a Q-tip in your little ear canals.

You won’t go wrong with these little sponges to remove water.

20 in a box!

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Bionix After Swim Water Removal Strips

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• SAFE – For use on all ages; BIONIX flared tip design eliminates the risk of over insertion there is no need to worry about it traveling too far into the ear; no risk of damage to the eardrum
• EFFECTIVE – Only needs to break the surface level of water; Wicking action of the AfterSwim absorbs water on its own
• SMART – One AfterSwim can absorb over 5x the amount of liquid an average ear canal can hold therefore, just one can be used on both ears
• ALCOHOL FREE – No unnecessary chemicals

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Weight 10 oz

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