Oticon’s Connect Clip – Assisted Listening Device

Oticon microphone Clip

OTICON Connect Clip – We here at Hears to U in Minnesota, call these pieces “middle pieces”:

The Connect clip has multi-purpose capabilities!  A 3-in-1 piece.

It will change your Oticon hearing aids into a wireless headset when you enable it on.  This allows you to make and receive phone calls, hands-free, listen to someone at a distance, make video calls and even talk over the computer when using this Oticon Assisted Listening Device Connect Clip.  Imagine that you are at a church service and can’t hear the preacher at the front of the church.  There is no other ALD there for you to use.  But yes, you have your own.  Simply bring your Oticon Connect clip Assisted Listening Device to the speaker at the front.  Leave it on the stand or ask the speaker to clip the ALD to her lapel.  And now, you are hearing the preacher’s speech right into your hearing aids.

The Oticon Connect Clip will allow you to live your life, hear the things you want to hear, but remain in touch with friends and family in several ways.  Connect clip sends a call directly to your Oticon hearing aids while you continue to cook, work in the yard, drive, walk your dog; the list is endless.   It even has a feature that will allow your voice to come through even in noisy environments.

The microphone feature of the Oticon Assisted Listening Device Mic connect clip will allow you to hear in restaurants and sports arenas.  Just hand the Oticon clip to your friend and you won’t miss a thing.  You can even use it to make video calls via Skype or Facetime, for example.  Your hearing aids already have earphones in them, so the clip becomes your microphone.  So you can even go for a walk with your dog and just hear right into your Oticon hearing aids and you don’t even have to hold your phone as your Oticon Mic clip is clipped close to your mouth for your hands-free talking.

If you don’t have Bluetooth in your car, you can use this Oticon clip as a blue tooth hands-free piece.  Safe, effective, and easy to use, you will find a purpose for your Oticon assisted listening device!

Use it as a Remote Control:  You can even use the Oticon Clip to change the program or the volume of your hearing aids; with no one else the wiser.

A funny store about this Oticon Assisted Listening Device product:  We have a patient’s wife who wants him to hear her every word through his Oticon behind the ear hearing aids.  She came with him to an appointment at Hears to U, Audiology and they took the Oticon ALD home with them to try with his Oticon hearing aids  He heard her so well all day as she talked into the Oticon ALD, giving him instructions and a honeydew list, he came back to the clinic after a week of trying the Assisted Device and told our audiologist it didn’t work.  She was so surprised and started going over the issue of why he couldn’t hear his wife through his hearing aids with the microphone activated.  He looked at her and gave her a serious look.  Puzzled by the look, the audiologist stopped talking and said OK I guess it doesn’t work.  Apparently, the assistance to streaming with the Oticon Mic worked too well and was not the life he wanted.  😉  No one is the wiser and perhaps someday he will want to hear every word she says as she walks around with the Oticon or an assisted listening device.

The clip comes with a wall charger, a USB charger, a short and long lanyard, a carrying pouch, and an instructional guide.  The website also contains many helpful videos about each of its functions.  The battery takes about two hours to charge.  That will allow you to talk on the phone for up to six hours and listen to music for up to five hours.  The manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty.

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