Oticon Remote Control 3.0 for Oticon Hearing aids

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Oticon Remote Control 3.0 for newer Oticon Hearing aids

I have so many remote control devices. Do I really need one for my hearing aids too? Depending on the type of Oticon aids you have, it may make adjusting the volume or changing programs easier.

At Hears to U Audiology we are dedicated to your hearing health care. It is difficult and can be strenuous to get through the entire process. Getting through the process of accepting that you have a hearing loss, choosing the type of aids, and learning how to use them, and then finally getting used to them and the new sounds you hear. All of those steps can be bewildering. It is harder when you are not as young as you once were. Some of our patients have a difficult time adjusting their hearing aids by using the buttons on the aids themselves to change the volume when in noisy environments or when the hearing aids seem too loud or too soft.  Sometimes people have programs loaded onto the hearing aids to remove background noise or enter into a t-coil, hearing loop program.   Some people do not have the dexterity and some simply forget that those buttons are on their aids for a reason. For many, this type of remote is simply easier to use.

This remote control by Oticon is very easy to use. When the package arrives, it will contain the remote control, 2 batteries, and an instruction booklet. Insert the two AAA batteries. The battery life will depend on how often you use it. Standard use will allow the batteries to last about a year. Make sure the status light at the top of the remote lights up. If you notice that the orange status light blinking rapidly when any button is pressed, the batteries are running low and need to be changed.  The status light should be green, and flashing yellow ready to pair to your Oticon hearing aids.

Then you will need to pair your hearing aids with the remote. Take off your hearing aids. Put them right next to the remote. Open and close the battery doors of your Oticon Hearing aids. Press any button on the Oticon remote control and it will pair to the aids that are closest to the remote. When the status light yellow flashing on the remote lights up to steady green for ten seconds, the two devices have paired successfully. Now the remote is ready for use to adjust your Oticon hearing aids for volume and to change any programs you may have set from your audiologist. It does not have to be in line of sight with the Oticon hearing aids. It will work up to a distance of about 6 feet.

There are three buttons on the remote; a “plus” sign, a “minus” sign, and one with a dot on it. The plus and minus will increase, decrease the volume as well as mute the Oticon hearing aids that are paired to the remote. To mute your aids, hold the minus button down for two seconds. To unmute, press any button. To change the program on your aids, press the “function” button that looks like it has a dot on it. That will change the program that your audiologist or hearing health care clinician has loaded into your Oticon hearing aids. You should hear an auditory feedback sound in your Oticon hearing aids that will tell you that the action you requested has been taken by your hearing aids.  Easy peasy.

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