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Hears Hearing & Hearables online was created to help support our patients and to create a community dedicated to hearing wellness.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed that people preferred to buy things online. This included hearing care items.

We wanted our online store to be membership-based, for our patients and providers. We sought to create a co-op. However, through that learning process, several lawyers thought that having patients and providers in the same membership pool could lead to a conflict of interest. So the co-op idea was abandoned. We did enjoy reading all about Co-ops and will now have a better appreciation of the Co-op community. We still have a membership opportunity, however.

We alone cannot make Medicare pay for hearing aids.

The goal of Hears, Hearing & Hearables is to grow its membership so we all have a large voice.

One voice can go only so far; the more voices we have, the larger the impact. A large membership will allow us to negotiate better prices for all of us with manufacturers and that if we don’t get a Medicare benefit we can control the craziness of monopolies and more.

These better prices will especially help those in underserved areas where there is little to no competition; even worse — no one at all to help, no access to hearing health care. Now there is a way to purchase what you need online, at a reasonable price, and we are now working on growing our provider network so we can recommend some local providers for your Hearing Health Care; not a worldwide conglomerate.

We believe that the product is really only as good as the provider that fits it.

We will support you as best we can from a remote location.

We can do telecare or more specifically teleaudiology. We can see you from a video conference, but we can’t physically help clean your ears, measure what takes to fit your product perfectly, and clean your hearing aids. We would love to be like “I dream of Jeannie” (remember that sitcom long ago) but we can’t just twinkle our noses or our ears and be there. So again, we love for you to support your community by seeing your local provider and getting awesome care.

The best part is that we all have the same goal in mind.

We are not owned by a venture capitalist or a firm. There are no stockholders or shareholders to placate; just each other. Hears Hearing & Hearables also provides a forum for people interested in hearing who want to learn more about new technologies, the latest research, topics of concern, and a place to ask questions; or sell used technology no longer needed. The membership offers discounts and rewards on other products too.

The Hearing Health Care products.

We are so proud of our choices and how many choices of products there are for you.

Slowly but surely we are making available all the supplies you need to clean your ears, clean your aids, domes for your receivers, receivers for your aids, retention locks even, chargers for your hearing aids, and all different brands! Have a lot of moisture, live in a warm climate, we have humidifiers of different styles and kinds and costs.

If we don’t have the brand you are looking for, email us!

We will find it and get it for you. Find the appropriate batteries, accessories, Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs), TV streamers, Hearables, Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAPs), and stethoscopes even.

There are products for helping you hear environmental sounds and alert you to smoke, doorbell ringing, wake up time, and more. We even have for your benefit some fun products like jewelry and essential oils for relaxation. IF you struggle with tinnitus we have some sound generators, or you can consult with us for more information. You need a loop for the hearing loop or a t-coil connection, we got it. You want to know what a loop is, well we got information. We carry hearing protection for people in noise, musicians, hunters, and even sleepers. We have information on Bluetooth and the latest that is happening with BT and the Special Interest Group. We are keeping up with it all.

We are beginning to put out some hearing aids and have even talked to a few people about why our hearing aids are less expensive (because they still need the provider to fit it) and run specials. We are excited to help you in whatever way possible.

You don’t need to be a member to shop but if you want discounts, it pays to join! And if you like the movement it pays to join. Read below for more on the benefits of membership.

Service is the name of the game.

We are approachable, provide the best service we can, and are here for you to help you meet all your hearing needs. Ask others, they will tell you we are doing a great job. We are quick to email back, ask questions about what you ordered and make sure you order the right thing for what you need. We have written our definition of what good service is and the information is available on our website for you to read at your leisure. Click here to read it.

We review Research and provide explanations of the products.

Karen is our main writer and writes and reads almost every day keeping up with what the researchers share with us in peer-reviewed articles. We know most people won’t read the research so we like to summarize it for you. We are also sharing important information in videos and video blogs. We are also very careful with the products we choose to make sure they are safe, have the right outcomes, and are fair and ethical in the marketplace.

The Membership is sold in one-year or 5-year plans.

Our membership is affordable. We need you to make this happen. We need our voices to be heard. We need to “own” this together so that we can have one voice and obtain great costs of goods like a warehouse. We also want to offer you discounts and rewards. Our legal document for the membership is available for you to read online. Click here to read the membership documents.

Members also benefit in that they can access a “forum” where they can sell their used or not used products, talk with others, and share stories.
Click here if you would like to join.

Professional Network Documents

Currently, we are working on finding those providers. We finished the network documents in the Spring of 2022.  We are working to find those professionals who value our transparency, ethics and provide best practices.  Thes documents are critical as the hearing health care provider agrees to providing you, the consumer, patient, client best practices, ethics and transparency and offers them some incentives so that not one person gets rich, but we must be careful of the Stark laws.

Overall Hears Hearing & Hearables is a place that is accessible, affordable, and offers transparency with pricing and ownership. Hears Hearing & Hearables is owned by me, Kim Fishman. I have a silent partner named George Barbulescu. We are always game for more collaboration and would love more partners in our venture. If you are interested in supporting the movement, please email me or George.

Thank you for reading and Happy Hearing!

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