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We are building our network of hearing health professionals throughout the U.S.

If you want to purchase a hearing aid at a low cost from our store and are in need of a provider, we will help you find a fantastic, knowledgeable, and ethical professional near you. We pride ourselves on transparency and service.

We are passionate about helping and educating others on hearing health care and hearing better. It really is better on the other side with hearing help! Hearing loss does matter! Get your hearing needs to be met today, with someone you can trust!

All Providers charge for their time.

Please note: payment may be due prior to your meeting depending on the individual clinician.

Kim Fishman


Hears To U Audiology, Hopkins, MN

Kim Fishman is the owner of Hears to U and the founder of Hears Hearing & Hearables. We created this store to be competitive in hearing health care and to help more people find a solution they need. The website will help you find a product, but what is most important, is that you find a service provider to help you with that product.

We offer lots of services for whatever you need with your hearing health care. From diagnostic testing, to therapy, solutions, and maintenance, as well as wax removal and other fun things for your ears and overall hearing health!

Servicing Minnesota our cost is $50/20 minutes of work. This includes our time on telehealth.

Contact: Hears To U Audiology

Dr Debra Comte, Au.D

Debra Comte, Au.D


Community Hearing, Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Debra Comte offers individualized hearing care and great products at affordable prices. She enjoys taking her time with patients to find out about their hearing needs and to help educate them on hearing loss and hearing aids.

Dr. Debra Comte will provide you with individualized care and recommendations as each patient is different. Her Doctor of Audiology degree is the highest training in the field of hearing aids and helping people with their hearing needs. Community Hearing has access to several brands of hearing aids in order to provide the right product for the needs of the patient. It is easy to have an appointment at Community Hearing with free parking, an accessible building, and an appointment is typically available within a few days.

At Community Hearing, patient satisfaction is our number one priority. We offer free hearing aid demonstrations and educate the patient for the best hearing aid selection. Our verification testing helps adjust hearing aid settings for the best hearing experience.

Contact: Community Hearing

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